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Store Visits – Digital Advertising Campaigns

Store Visits Generation Digital Ads
Calls Generation

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Store Visits

Fully managed programmatic advertising campaigns. Drive customers to a physical location. Location based ads with geo-fencing & conversion zones, ad creative and user impact reporting

There are 3 tiers of campaigns – Starter, Pro, and Premier. Each tier progressively offers more advanced features that lead to better results. Every tier includes ROI reporting so that you can see real-world results with pinpoint accuracy.

CAMPAIGN Starter Pro Premier
Proof of Performance and ROI reporting
Location-based Mobile Ads with Geo-fencing & Conversion Zones
Programmatic Display, Retargeting
Facebook Advertising
Mobile Optimized Landing Pages and Display Ads
Minimum Campaign Impressions 40,000 60,000 80,000

How does it work?

Proof of Performance and ROI reporting

Campaign Report

Campaign Report

The report is designed to show you the Digital Advertising funnel from left to right.

  • On the left-hand side, we show Impressions – The number of times the ads were viewed.
  • Moving to the right we show the number of people that clicked on the ads.
  • Getting even more specific we move on to engagements. This is counting the number of people that engaged with the business at a deeper level including viewing social media, navigating deeper within the business website, and real-world actions.
  • Results are counting real valuable actions that people are taking. In this case: making a phone call. We even further narrow the focus by counting Qualified Calls. These are calls that met certain metrics that indicated to us that they led to a sale. These metrics include call length and keywords detected in the call.
  • The campaign revenue area is what everyone is interested in! How much money did I get in return for my investment? We break it down simply here. During the campaign discovery period, we will determine what the value of a phone call or store visit is to the business (Value Per Result). Since we can track the number of results that we are creating, it is pretty much a simple matter of multiplying the number of results generated by the value per result. We take that dollar figure and scale it back by our Result Conversion percentage. This keeps things realistic by acknowledging that not every call or visit will necessarily result in a sale.

Mobile Application Geofencing Results

Mobile Application Geofencing Results

In this tab of the report, we will show the physical locations that we are geo-fencing and how many results each one is generating.

Lead Call Tracking and Website Traffic

Lead Call Tracking and Website Traffic

Phone Calls Tab:

Here we show details about all of the phone calls generated by the campaign including the date and time, duration, and any keywords that were spotted in the call that could indicate a sale. Sometimes even the caller name is pulled in!

Landing Page Engagement Tab:

This details the traffic and engagement on the campaign landing page, if applicable.

Facebook Advertising

On Facebook, the recipe for success is reaching a highly targeted audience the optimal number of times within a certain time period. We take care of both these pieces. We target the people who will be most likely to be interested in your business and then serve ads to them the perfect number of times to encourage them to become your customer!

Facebook Innovation Spotlight

Facebook Innovation Spotlight

When we build ad campaigns on Facebook we are using technology that has won the Facebook Innovation Spotlight for local business. This is an award that recognized technology companies and agencies that go beyond current best practices to provide true value to local businesses using Facebook advertising.

Mobile Optimized Landing Pages and Display Ads

Mobile Optimized Landing Pages

Included in our Digital Advertising solution is the design and creation of attractive and high converting ad creative + landing pages (where applicable). Everything is designed to work flawlessly on both desktop and mobile.


Geo-fencing is a tactic used to put targeted display ads in front of users based on a very specific geographical boundary and track them to your business!


With Geo Fencing, we can specifically target a physical area, like a restaurant, store, or neighborhood, and then serve our ads to people who pass through this “Geo Fence”.

This has lots of amazing applications! Here are some examples:

  • Targeting people who visit your competitors
  • Target people who visit locations that indicate they are interested in your business
  • Target people who attend events related to your business

The best part? We can also track once someone sees our ads then physically visits your business – So you know exactly how many customers were generated.

The features

  • Pinpoint accuracy with custom geofence shapes and sizes
  • Variable recency (from instant to 30 days)
  • Boost mobile performance and reach
  • Retarget customers who visit or commute through any geo-fenced location
  • Track off-line or “last mile” conversions to measure your campaign’s effectiveness

Site Retargeting

98% of consumers leave websites without converting

Site Retargeting

A staggering 98% of all website traffic does NOT convert into sales. When we target digital advertising towards people who have already visited your website, we are reaching a “warm” audience who already knows about your business. We can remind these people to return to your website and take a valuable action like calling or sending you an email.

Search Retargeting

Search Retargeting

When people search for your kind of business online they are showing us that they are interested! With Search Retargeting we will be targeting our advertising specifically towards people who have shown that they are interested in your products and services.


Where can I access my monthly reports?2017-11-16T15:16:51+00:00

You are able to access the reports via Abello Media’s Business Center.

Which advertising technologies are used?2018-01-08T23:40:40+00:00

We take advantage of the following technologies:

  1. Geo-fencing
  2. Geo-conversion zones
  3. IDFA (unique device IDs)
  4. Phone call keyword monitoring
  5. In-app display advertising networks
  6. Facebook
  7. Google AdWords
  8. Programmatic bidding
  9. Landing page analytics
  10. Conversion-optimized landing pages
  11. Tracking pixel
  12. Dashboard KPI reporting
Are there different packages that I can choose from?2017-11-16T15:19:01+00:00

You may choose from one of the following three packages:

  1. Starter: Generates clicks and calls through a basic search campaign.
  2. Pro: Optimize conversions with campaign extensions, a custom built landing page, and text message leads.
  3. Premier: Gain access to users on platforms across the web and the most cutting-edge technology to deliver trackable increases to campaign ROI.
What do you need from me on an ongoing basis?2017-11-16T15:07:40+00:00

Any information that you can provide about special promotions you are running that we can feature could be helpful to us in creating a winning campaign.

How will we be able to know that our Digital Advertising is working and delivering real results?2017-11-16T15:06:27+00:00

We will provide you with regularly scheduled, easy to read, reports that are focused on real results for your business, phone calls and new customers through the door.

I’m already doing some online marketing like social media and I have a website, why do I need to do anything else?2017-11-16T15:05:37+00:00

“If we build it, they will come” does not always hold true, especially online. So much information is competing online for people’s attention. The key to success is to be there for the right person at the right time. When you use Digital Advertising you accomplish just this, and your existing online efforts like your website and social media are far more effective for it. When all of the pieces work together, that’s when you see real business results.

Where will my business be advertised?2017-11-16T15:04:55+00:00

You will be advertised on the following platforms:

  • Search advertising via Google AdWords – the ads that appear at the very top of Google search results.
  • Social advertising via Facebook – the ads that appear in the Facebook News Feed.
  • Display advertising – the banner ads on websites around the web.

Note: The platforms used varies depending on the campaign executed.

What to expect next!


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