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Did you know that 93% of shoppers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media? Most business owners recognize that being active on social is not only essential for staying in touch with customers, but also for growing their revenue. Managing your social networks, however, is a lot of work. It takes time, resources, and social media expertise that most local business owners don’t have.

Put stress to rest

With our Social Marketing Applications & Services, you’ll gain the social exposure your business needs, improve customer engagement, and increase web traffic - all at the same time while barely lifting a finger.
Social Media Application

Social Media Application

Have you considered utilizing social tools to help generate revenue for your business? This social solution provides businesses the ability to grow their fan base and turns online leads into raving customers, find real-time leads and share relevant content across all social channels.

There’s a struggle going on: 89% of small businesses find that social media helps them gain exposure and increase their web traffic. 31% say they don’t know how to use social effectively or “don’t know what to post”. Managing multiple social networks is difficult, which is why we’ve developed a solution: The easiest platform for local businesses to build their social presence and find new leads.

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Businesses are always concerned with their bottom line, but when it comes to social media it’s not always clear how many Likes equal a dollar. At the same time, building a fanbase can be difficult, especially for people like plumbers, insurance brokers, and locksmiths who might have difficulty finding enough content to post.

Companies know that customer service is important, but a lot of businesses still haven’t formed a specific strategy for addressing online concerns and building social relationships. With 89% of U.S. consumers saying that they’ve gone to a competitor after a poor customer service experience, it’s clear that a business’s ability to listen to complaints and provide solutions is linked to its success.

Did you know that 90% of small businesses have Facebook pages, but that almost one-third of them have less than thirty-two fans? Building an engaged audience can be difficult, and for many local businesses, it’s the reason why they quit updating their pages long ago. In order to create a successful following on social media, every post needs to have value. Our Social Media Application focuses on the three elements that are most crucial in bringing more attention to a business’s profile: finding interesting content, discovering influential people, and creating deals.

Yes! Make the life for local businesses as carefree as cruising the Caribbean. From one tab, business owners can publish content to multiple social sites with the push of a button, utilize in-line conversations so the context of interactions isn’t lost and schedule a post and “set-it-and-forget-it”.

Yes! Show your clients the most important stats that will help them understand their campaigns and insights into their social profiles. Track growth across channels from one dashboard, monitor changes in Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare reach and see the growth in fans and followers from social campaigns


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