Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce Marketing Campaigns put your product images, price, and business in front of people searching on Price Comparison Search Engines and Online Marketplaces.

We’ll look here for the answer to the big question: “how to get more customers to come and shop in my online store?”

The goal is to develop a campaign to guide online shoppers to your e-commerce website and persuading them to buy your products or services online.

The Ecommerce Marketing Campaign is based on a multi-channel marketing approach based on Search Engines, Price Comparison Search Engines and Social Media Stores.



Google Shopping is probably the largest and best know comparison shopping engine. Products submitted to Google Shopping will also be displayed on standard Google search results and are integrated with Google’s pay-per-click platform, Adwords.

Google Shopping

Nextag has been in operation since 1999 and has as many as 30 million visitors each month. Nextag is consistently a top performer for traffic and conversions on CPC Strategy’s quarterly review of leading CSE’s. You can list products, event tickets, real estate, and even travel bookings.

Nextag is part of eBay’s family of companies and is another great channel for merchants to put their products in front of perspective buyers. also partners with The Find, another CSE on this list.


Bing Shopping offers free product listings that appear directly on Bing search results pages. Bing Shopping has earned a lot of consumer praise for doing an excellent job of providing consumer friendly results. The service does not accept new merchant feeds during high-traffic shopping seasons, so get started early with Bing in 2013.

Bing Shopping


129 million UV. The big gorilla. A first-party seller that added third-party sellers with great success. Wide variety of products in all categories. Allows you to set up a store and products within strict rules.

Amazon Marketplace

84 million UV. No first-party sales. All transactions brokered by eBay and fulfilled by third-party merchants. Options for “Buy It Now” or for traditional auctions.

eBay Marketplace

21 million UV. In many ways, Sears copied Amazon. It is a first-party seller with marketplace stores. It has many products and categories, and many marketplace sellers. Sears charges a monthly fee for a merchant store; commission rates range from 7 to 20 percent.

Sears Marketplace

Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique goods.

Etsy Marketplace