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December 2017

30 Internet Advertising Statistics


While the world of internet marketing has expanded beyond paid advertising, advertising still plays a very important role in generating revenue and business. Internet Advertising is the top of the "new advertising stack," and it's what can create brand awareness, drive sales, and create visibility across a variety of channels that are oversaturated with businesses trying [...]

30 Internet Advertising Statistics2017-12-10T18:29:32+00:00

Answer Customer Questions on Google


Planning a visit to your local business can raise a different type of questions. When looking for answers, 82% of your customers turn to search engines, but they often have a hard time finding accurate, up-to-date information.     To solve the problem Google brought the ability to answer customer questions on your Google Local Business Listing. [...]

Answer Customer Questions on Google2017-12-10T17:27:55+00:00

November 2017

Spammers and competitors can update your Google Listing. Seriously.


In response to an article published in a CBS Local News Website (, Google stated the following: Merchants who manage their business listing info through Google My Business (which is free to use), are notified via email when edits are suggested. Spammers and others with negative intent are a problem for consumers, businesses, and technology companies [...]

Spammers and competitors can update your Google Listing. Seriously.2017-12-10T17:29:00+00:00

October 2017

Building a contact list the Zenreach way


Four Entertainment Group is using Zenreach to bring customers back. Founded in 2007, Four Entertainment Group (4EG) is a 15 location group comprised of bars and restaurants throughout greater Chicago and Cincinnati. As 4EG expanded in both physical locations and subsequent customer volume, they experienced difficulty in effectively marketing to their visitors and cultivating loyalty amongst all customers - new and old. [...]

Building a contact list the Zenreach way2017-12-10T17:29:16+00:00

September 2017

Local Business Listings Mountain


Discover which online business directories are the best of the best. Period. Here are the top 100+ in sites brought to you in a local business listing mountain. That’s right, a mountain. We were getting a little tired of the pyramids, and since we are no strangers to snow, we thought it would be fitting. [...]

Local Business Listings Mountain2017-12-10T17:29:31+00:00

August 2017

Enabling more high quality content for users


In Google’s mission to organize the world's information, we want to guide Google users to the highest quality content, the principle exemplified in our quality rater guidelines. Professional publishers provide the lion’s share of quality content that benefits users and we want to encourage their success. The ecosystem is sustained via two main sources of revenue: [...]

Enabling more high quality content for users2017-12-10T17:29:46+00:00

December 2016

Rich Cards expands to more verticals


At Google I/O in May, we launched Rich Cards for Movies and Recipes, creating a new way for site owners to present previews of their content on the Search results page. Today, we’re expanding to two new verticals for US-based sites: Local restaurants and Online courses. Evolution of search results for queries like [best New Orleans [...]

Rich Cards expands to more verticals2017-12-10T17:33:04+00:00

Enhancing property sets to cover more reports in Search Console


Since initially announcing property sets earlier this year, one of the most popular requests has been to expand this functionality to more sections of Search Console. Thanks to your feedback, we're now expanding property sets to more features! Property sets help to show how your business is seen by Google across separate websites or apps. For [...]

Enhancing property sets to cover more reports in Search Console2017-12-10T17:34:42+00:00

November 2016

Saying goodbye to Content Keywords


In the early days - back when Search Console was still called Webmaster Tools - the content keywords feature was the only way to see what Googlebot found when it crawled a website. It was useful to see that Google was able to crawl your pages at all, or if your site was hacked. In the [...]

Saying goodbye to Content Keywords2017-12-10T17:35:01+00:00

April 2016

Moving Toward SSL


We’re at a turning point: 2017 is going to be the year that we’re going to see features in WordPress which require hosts to have HTTPS available. Just as JavaScript is a near necessity for smoother user experiences and more modern PHP versions are critical for performance, SSL just makes sense as the next hurdle our [...]

Moving Toward SSL2017-12-10T17:35:15+00:00

March 2016

An update on Google’s feature-phone crawling & indexing


Limited mobile devices, "feature-phones", require a special form of markup or a transcoder for web content. Most websites don't provide feature-phone-compatible content in WAP/WML any more. Given these developments, we've made changes in how we crawl feature-phone content (note: these changes don't affect smartphone content): 1. We've retired the feature-phone Googlebot We won't be using the [...]

An update on Google’s feature-phone crawling & indexing2017-12-10T17:35:30+00:00
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